Past Screenings

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Very Large Community Screening

Licensed for 1-300 people
In English | 82 Min. NTSC | All Regions English Closed Captioning Subtitle Options: German
Bring QUEEN OF THE SUN to public space in your community. Spread the word and help create a movement! Very Large Community Screening Kit includes DVD, 5 Small Posters and a screening license to show the film once to a group of 1-200 people in a public space. You will also be e-mailed a link that gives you access to marketing materials and tips to promote your event. (Ticket sales or suggested donations are encouraged). Original Price: $500.00 New Price: $375.00 If you already know your event date, please enter it below and we will add your screening to our screening page upon purchase. CLICK HERE for downloadable materials and tips to promote your community screening. If you do not know the date yet, please contact us once you do so we can help to promote your screening!
Contact us for bulk DVDs to sell at your screening.