Reviews & Awards

Reviews & Awards

Queen of the Sun Awards and Laurels

REVELATORY…Siegel buzzes around the globe and deep into the hive… Honey has never looked so delicious. Or so precious.

– Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times, Critic’s Pick

A remarkable documentary that’s also one of the most beautiful nature films I’ve seen.

— Roger Ebert

A hymn to nature’s underappreciated pollinators — whose existence has come under threat…making a sunny and optimistic case for why the world is worth saving, via gorgeous imagery and poetic appreciations of the bees themselves.

– Ian Buckwalter,

Rich, Elegant, Edifying. One of the most beautifully filmed documentaries that I’ve ever seen.

– Hollywood Report Card

impassioned…a lovely balance between scientific explanation and emotional advocacy…rich subject matter and persuasive presentation make this visually appealing nature documentary worth buzzing about.

– David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

The feel-good advocacy movie of the year.

— Box Office Magazine

Stunning…as soulful as it is scientific, as uplifting as it is alarming. Siegel sets himself and his film apart with exquisite cinematography and awe-inducing visual artistry.

— Christine Champ,

Entertaining, gorgeous and relevant. Siegel retains the gift of making you dream of making a difference.

— Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

Visually sumptuous…lovingly shot, near-psychedelic imagery, which serves as an unusually visceral reminder of the rich variety in nature—and what’s at stake if bees bug out for good.

— Mark Holcomb, Village Voice

An inspiring documentary, one of the best films of 2011.

— Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

Rich, Elegant, Edifying. One of the most beautifully filmed documentaries that I’ve ever seen.

– Hollywood Report Card

Must-see film.. Likely the most important documentary of the year.

– Current

A real gem … A brilliantly focused film discussing beekeeping throughout the world, and the problems that bees are facing… See it. This film is an important work, and thoroughly enjoyable.

— Tom Ellis, Filmbalaya

A wild, entertaining and thoughtful documentary…You are engulfed by wonder.

— Michael Van Baker, The Sun Break

A creative exploration of the global honeybee crisis replete with remarkable nature cinematography, some eccentric characters and yet another powerful argument for organic, sustainable agriculture in balance with nature.

— Alissa Simon, Variety

On this fascinating new documentary…Taggart Siegel circled the globe to interview the world’s most passionate beekeepers, and their testimonials make this an irresistible romance about the essential role that honeybees play in maintaining earth’s fragile ecosystem…a cautionary tale with a hopeful outlook.”

— Jeff Shannon, The Seattle Times

A honey of a documentary about beekeepers… If you’re looking forward to this spring’s blooms, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the little dynamos that pollinate them.

— Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Bee Movie is no B Movie. Whether or not you like honey on your morning muffin, you ought to be concerned with the health of the nation’s bees.

— Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle

Colony Collapse Disorder should be a planetary wake up call akin to Rachel Carson’s 1960s pesticide expose Silent Spring.

– David Lamble, Bay Area Reporter

Quite an eye-opener. You’ll think twice before ever swatting another bee.

— SF Bay Guardian

Inspiring, humbling, thought provoking, entertaining, and beautifully shot, this film does much more than introduce the current crisis faced by the bees. A call for cultural renewal, for a holistic and compassionate understanding of these amazing creatures.

— Rebecca Briggs, Biodynamics Magazine

Queen of the Sun breathes love and hope into the catastrophic crisis inundating our oldest domesticated animal, the honey bee. I was moved from tears to hope as the film gently offered next steps anyone could take to make the world a better place…

— Barbara Booth, Santa Fe Waldorf School