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Queen of the Sun DVD

Home-Viewing DVD $19.95
K-12, Community Libraries & Non Profits $125
University and College Libraries $295

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Home Use DVD

The Queen of the Sun DVD for personal home-use features the full theatrical film as well as a host of amazing extras including Additional Interviews with Gunther Hauk & Vandana Shiva, A Tour of Wild & Wonderful Beehives, Yvon Recites Poetry to his bees, Trailers, over 25 Amazing Bees Facts & More!

SUBTITLED IN 16 LANGUAGES including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, English SDH, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Mandarin & Korean.

In English | 82 Min. | NTSC | All Regions | Includes Additional Interviews & Extras


Note: The DVD is NTSC format, but will play in all countries as long as your DVD player is NTSC compatible. Many players can now play both NTSC and PAL, please check your player if you live outside of the U.S. before ordering.

House Party & Community Screening Licenses

Bring QUEEN OF THE SUN: What are the Bees Telling Us? to your community and be part of a growing movement to help save the honeybee. Hosting a Community Screening is a fun way to inspire, empower and educate friends, family and neighbors about this crisis. One screening at a time, you’re helping reconnect people to their backyards, nature and our planet.
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Educational DVD

Queen of the Sun is now available to order on DVD for University, College and K-12 library and classroom use.

For public viewings, a public screening license is required. Please contact us if you wish to purchase public viewing rights.

In English | 82 Min. | NTSC | All Regions | Includes Additional Interviews, Extras & Subtitles in 16 Languages + English SDH