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Educate and inspire students about the plight of the bees and the mysteries of the beehive…

Beautifully written by Lauren Johnson, a Waldorf Teacher, this curriculum gives educators and students a way to learn about bees through art, science, history and poetry. Over 150 pages long, there is a vast variety of information within, sure to help guide you as you prepare a lesson plan for students of a wide variety of ages.

Inside the digital .PDF is also a guide to creating your own urban beehive tour and a sample letter that was used to create a bee day in the City of Portland. Draft your own and take it to your mayor to help create change for the bees!


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Queen of the Sun Book Front Cover

Download Curriculum .PDF

Click the above link to download a PDF file containing the full educational curriculum for QUEEN OF THE SUN: What are the Bees Telling us?