US Television Premiere!


Queen of the Sun will be celebrating our US TELEVISION PREMIERE on Free Speech TV Monday evening at 6:30 AM, 10 AM & 7 PM PST, September 30. We are very excited to be premiering in potentially over 30 million television homes nationwide!


Queen of the Sun will be airing regularly throughout the fall harvest season. We’re so excited for the film to reach such a incredible wide audience. Not sure if you get Free Speech TV? You do! They stream their broadcasting live on-line. That means anyone reading this can watch Queen of the Sun from Free Speech TV’s website during the broadcast.! TUNE IN ON FREESPEECH.ORG to find when the air date is coming up and watch Queen of the Sun!

Here’s some details on how to find FSTV on your Television: Free Speech TV is an independent, 24-hour television network airing full-time on DISH Network (9415), DIRECTV (348), and Burlington Telecom (122). FSTV is also available—as both a 24/7 linear feed and as videos-on-demand—on and on Roku, an “over-the-top” distribution platform that streams video over the Internet onto connected television sets.