David Heaf

Biochemist and Biodynamic Beekeeper

Lured into beekeeping in 2003, when he gave a talk on genetically modified organisms to a local beekeepers’ association, David soon looked into more bee-appropriate ways of keeping bees. After being introduced by Johannes Wirz to Émile Warré’s natural comb hive in 2006, David and his wife translated Warré’s L’Apiculture Pour Tous and published it as Beekeeping for All in 2007. Now beekeepers in many countries are using the hive. In 2010 David published his own book The Bee-friendly Beekeeper (Northern Bee Books) which examines fundamental attitudes of beekeepers, validates with available scientific evidence more natural approaches to beekeeping, and gathers together the experience of several Warré hive users. www.bee-friendly.co.uk