Horst Kornberger

Philosopher, Artist & Author

Horst Kornberger is a poet, writer, interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and researcher into the field of imagination and creativity. Horst is the director and founder of the School of Integral Art where he pioneers creative, biographical and story writing.


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Massimo Carpinteri

Massimo Carpinteri

Natural Beekeeper

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Portland Office of Sustainability gives us a shout-out

It’s always nice to get support from the city we live in. Check out the Portland Office of Sustainability for their write-ups here and here.

A big thanks to the city of Portland!

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Queen of the Sun Northeastern tour

We’re launching the QUEEN OF THE SUN Northeastern tour from 9/30 – 10/10. Check the screening pages for dates and locations.

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West coast premiere

We’re having our west coast premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival! Come see the film and talk to the filmmakers.

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